This page was last updated: December 14, 2013

Limited warranty offered by Jdmtuners
We carry 30 days warranty ONLY on all of our  engines . This warranty covers the engine block and head only. This warranty will cover that no problem will     occur if the engine is installed properly in the vehicles. In the event that a part of the engine block or head is found to be defective,this part will be replaced.

Our warranty covers all internal engine parts only. Engine block, cylinder barrels and cylinder heads are also guaranteed to be free of cracks and distortion,   otherwise it will be replaced.

Our warranty DOES NOT cover all the external parts.

In the following cases our warranty will be VOIDED:
.If the engine is redlined or competitively raced.
.Insufficient amount of oil in the engine.
. Any method of forced induction ( NOS, TURBO&SUPERCHARGED) for which the engine  was not designed.
.Damage to the engine because of improper installation.

.It is the customers responsibilities for all freight charges on returned items.
.There will be a 35% restocking fee on all returned products or cancellation of orders.
.No returns will be accepted without a Return Merchandise Authorization number which will be issued by JDMTUNERS.
.After we accept the return for the defective parts of the engine, there will be a 20% charge of the invoice amount plus all the charges of the freight.
(NOTE) all the freight  charges and restocking fee must be paid in full before we receive the  product.

.For all our customers safety some items listed may not be legal for public highways and roads.Please check with your local Authorities before    installing the parts in your vehicles.

Warranty on Cars
.All our vehicles are sold "AS-IS" , without warranty or liability.
.REASON:  defects and/or damage after the purchase- the vehicle leaving the store incurred by the vehicle may be caused by the carelessness and
negligence of the buyer. Therefore, in no event or under any circumstances shall JDMTUNERSINC  assume responsibility for the damages caused to the
vehicle following the completion of the transaction, Thereafter the buyer will pay all expenses for any repair needed.

.Any deposit recieved on any cars is non refundable.